2023 WASSCE results look but … – Partey Anti

The Executive Secretary of the Institute for Education Studies (IFEST-Ghana), Dr Peter Partey Anti, has said although the results of the 202...

2023 WASSCE results look but … – Partey Anti
2023 WASSCE results look but … – Partey Anti

The Executive Secretary of the Institute for Education Studies (IFEST-Ghana), Dr Peter Partey Anti, has.

said although the results of the 2023 West Africa Senior School Certificate Examinations (WASSCE) look.

good, there is a need to focus on the performance of the individual schools and.

the students.

He said assessing the performance of the individual schools and students will determine.

whether they actually performed or not.

The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) released the results o Monday December 18.

“The Council will make available login details to heads of school to.

enable them access the results of their candidates.

The results have been hosted online and candidates who so desire may access their results.

at the Council's website www.


org,” the release stated.

The Council cautioned “all its stakeholders to be wary of fraudsters who promise to.

upgrade results for a fee.

It added that “Candidates are to note that WAEC results are secured and.

can be authenticated using its results verification system.

The WAEC QR code can be downloaded and used to verify results.

A total number of 448,674 candidates made up of 212,453 males and 236,221 females from.

975 schools entered for the examination.

This figure is 5.

8% higher than the 2022 entry figure of 422,883.

A total number of 3,404 (0.

75%) were absent from the examination,” a part of the release read.

The Council expressed its sincerest gratitude to stakeholders “especially the.

Ministry of Education, Ghana Education Service, the Security Agencies, Heads of School, Supervisors, Invigilators, Examiners.

and all who in various ways supported it in the successful conduct of the examination.

and release of results.

Speaking on the Ghana Tonight show on TV3 Monday December 18, Dr Peter.

Parte Anti said “i think we have seen considerable progress as all of us are.

saying in the results that have been released, as you compared it to previous years.

“My only problem is that normally academics like myself do not do these kinds.

if analyses in a vacuum.

We need not just look at the average figures that have been presented, you need.

to delve deeper into the data and find out how individual schools are doing and.

find out how individual students are also performing, that is the only point that you.

will note that the results are really what we think they are.

“We also have to look at the individual's performance in relation to.

their various elective subjects.

You will agree with me that you need a pass in three core subjects to.

be able to pursue tertiary education but at the same time, you need a pass.

in three elective subjects.

“So if you don't get the pass in your electives and you are.

passing your core subjects it still means you will not be able to access tertiary.

education as you so wished to, so these are the issues we need to understand.

The figures look good but let us to look at the performance of individual.

schools and then the performance of students within these schools.


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