Account of daylight robbery incident that shook Adabraka in Accra

A swift and daring daylight armed robbery took place on Wednesday afternoon at Adabraka Official Town in Accra, leaving bystanders in shock...

Account of daylight robbery incident that shook Ad
Account of daylight robbery incident that shook Ad

A swift and daring daylight armed robbery took place on Wednesday afternoon at Adabraka Official.

Town in Accra, leaving bystanders in shock.

The incident unfolded between Nobles Spot and the well-known Aponkye Spot in the.


Witnesses were immobilized, unable to intervene as the robbers brandished a black pistol.

Surprisingly, no one even reached out to the police to report the crime after its.


During the incident, the victim was left to assess his losses alone, departing.

shortly after the robbers – a duo on a black motorcycle – sped away with.

their substantial loot, a considerable amount of cash contained within a polythene bag.

Reports by Graphic Online suggest that the robbers likely trailed the victim discreetly.

from the location where he obtained the money.

The attack was launched when the victim reached the Brewery Loop on the.

Official Street.

Eyewitnesses, who offered their account to Graphic Online, noted that the incident occurred around 2:30.

pm on Wednesday, August 23, 2023.

Witnesses shared that they heard the robbers demanding money as they intercepted the.


The robbers compelled the victim to open the bag, all of this taking place on.

the side of a black vehicle.

The daylight robbery was swift, lasting less than two minutes, and the culprits.

fled the scene on the same black motorcycle they used for their operation, successfully escaping.

with a significant sum of money.

Both the victim and the robbers were on motorcycles, with the victim utilizing.

a red one.

The scene of the crime was the Brewery Loop, connecting the Official Street at Adabraka.

Official Town.

According to eyewitnesses, the two assailants, their faces concealed by helmets and attired.

in black jackets, approached the victim on their black motorcycle from the opposite direction on.

the loop.

Using their motorcycle to block the victim’s path, they coerced him to halt.

Swiftly, they rifled through his bag and discovered an additional GH¢400, consisting of two GH¢200.


Without hesitation, they seized this sum as well before making a hasty escape on their.


The shocking incident left witnesses too afraid to intervene, leaving the victim to.

wait for a while before leaving the scene.

Mobile Phone Robbery Incident on the Same Stretch

Adding to the unsettling.

incidents in the area, another robbery transpired on the same stretch the following morning, August.


In this case, the target was a mobile phone.

The culprits, again employing a motorcycle, intercepted the victim and demanded his mobile phone.

Subsequent to the crime, they sped away.

In both instances, fear seemed to immobilize witnesses from taking any action.

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