Chartered Institute of Realtors to be launched in Ghana

The Chartered Institute of Realtors (CIR), a body of real estate professionals dedicated to providing high-quality training and learning opp...

Chartered Institute of Realtors to be launched in
Chartered Institute of Realtors to be launched in

The Chartered Institute of Realtors (CIR), a body of real estate professionals dedicated to providing.

high-quality training and learning opportunities for its members within the ever-changing real estate industry worldwide.

is set to be launched in Ghana.

The event will draw a large audience from different facets of society, from.

policymakers, international property developers, lawyers, arbitrators, politicians, clergy, key government stakeholders, academia, and property investors.

among others.

The institution is set to project the unity of the diverse fields in.

the building environment on a global scale, to be a recognised certification body in the.

real estate industry worldwide.

As it stands, there are severally recognised professional bodies with specialised skills and.

experiences that offer varying services, all contributing significantly to the industry.

State institutions such as the Lands Commission, and other associations all are guided.

by recognized standards of operation.

With evidence in other professional bodies such as Accountancy, Law, Banking, etc where.

there exist institutions that educate their members on professional standards and ethics.

It will also offer quality training within their fields, the objective of the institute is.

to harmonise the skills, experiences, and services of all the stakeholders and major players in.

providing quality education, training and certifications for members, partners, and individuals who seek to establish.

themselves within the industry.

In seeking to achieve its aim, the Chartered Institute of Realtors (CIR), has.

detailed requisite training, seminars, and workshops designed in progressive stages that enable a systematic approach.

to the comprehension of concepts and conventions in the field.

The institution will be engaging with realtors and professional associations across the globe.

in providing and equipping its members with the necessary resources available to springboard the agenda.

of professionalism, quality, and excellence all around.

With the expansion of the real estate industry globally, it has become imperative.

to tackle the diverse issues that spring up, about land acquisition and litigations, property fraud,.

property pricing, broker management services, facility, and property management.

Safeguarding the integrity of the industry will sustain or re-establish confidence even to.

the extent of providing intelligence in navigating through the varied situations arising from the experiences.

of people worldwide.

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