Ablakwa accuses ‘Nigerian cabal’ of ‘raping Ghana’s economy through controversial deals of up to $371m

North Tongu MP Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has made explosive allegations on Facebook against a supposed Nigerian group rigging the local econom...

Ablakwa accuses ‘Nigerian cabal’ of ‘raping
Ablakwa accuses ‘Nigerian cabal’ of ‘raping

North Tongu MP Samuel Okudzeto Ablakwa has made explosive allegations on Facebook against a supposed.

Nigerian group rigging the local economy in their favour.

According to the member of Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, this group has been.

taking advantage of their close proximity to power.

Based on this, the legislator says these companies gave exploited Ghana’s resources through.

a series of sweetheart deals awarded to their companies.

The deals listed by Ablakwa are as follows:

Kelni GVG Revenue Assurance.

Deal: Valued at a staggering $178 million
Smart Infraco COVID-19 Smart Workplace Deal: Valued at.

$36 million
Ascend Digital Solutions Limited Rural Telephony Deal: Valued at $48 million
Ascend/AirtelTigo JV.

World Bank Funded eTransform Project: Valued at $49.

5 million
NCA’s clandestine new Electronic Communications Managed Services License (ECMSL) to restrict Ericsson and.

Huawei so as to create a new looting category for this same Nigerian Cabal in.

a deal experts say can potentially generate $60 million in conservative annual profits.

These questionable deals, according to the legislator have resulted in the Nigerian Cabal amassing.

an eye-watering $371.

5 million in controversial contracts within the communications sector alone.

Ablakwa suggests that there may be more of these deals yet to come,.

and he remains vigilant in tracking their progress.

Drawing attention to a previous Nigerian issue in the controversial Frontiers COVID-19 airport.

testing saga, Mr Ablakwa lamented the impact on Ghana’s economy and the missed opportunities for.

Ghanaian tech entrepreneurs.

He highlights how the injection of US$371.

5 million into local IT firms could have propelled Ghanaian tech entrepreneurs to new heights.

“Imagine the impact on the Ghanaian economy and how Ghanaian tech entrepreneurs could.

begin to assume commanding heights if they were given $371.

5 million,” he wrote.

Expressing his dismay, Ablakwa questions whether Nigerian leaders would show the same generosity.

to Ghanaian businessmen and whether Nigerians would accept such actions if the roles were reversed.

Beyond the financial implications, Ablakwa is deeply troubled by the apparent violation of.

Ghana’s procurement laws, the manipulation of systems to favour the Nigerian cabal, and the blatant.

disregard for other laws.

“Even more depressing is the flagrant violation of our procurement laws, rigged systems.

to favour them, and the impunity with which they flout other laws.

He emphasised that a day of reckoning for those involved is drawing nearer.

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