Future of NPP flagbearer race pregnant with uncertain possibilities – Prof Gyampo

I have seen the first three winners in the NPP Super-Delegates Elections...

Future of NPP flagbearer race pregnant with uncert
Future of NPP flagbearer race pregnant with uncert

I have seen the first three winners in the NPP Super-Delegates Elections.

My preliminary thoughts are that nothing is surprising about the placements of 1-3.

The majority of the delegates were “politically made” by the establishment and their continuous stay.

in office as appointees, and even as elected people, is based on the support of.

the establishment.

They couldn’t have varied their votes.

Ken also garnered his kind of great show among those who felt they.

could get his support in terms of money in their future electoral and political endeavours.

He could be a kingmaker and would easily nominate some of these guys for positions.

But what makes him a serious force in the future is that he is also.

a very grassroots person.

So, our Veep cannot be complacent because the real kingmakers will be at.

the grassroots where both Alan and Ken are likely to make huge incursions, according to.

very scientific data on the NPP delegate preferences.

He, Alan and Ken must, therefore, work harder.

The future of the NPP Presidential Aspirant race is heavily pregnant with definitely.

hugely uncertain possibilities.

More work must be done by Veep to get to the grassroots; more work must.

be done by Alan to win more people at the top as he’s likely to.

put up a better show among the grassroots in November; and Ken, the maverick, must.

work harder to appeal to both segments of the delegates.

Those who have just voted can still change their mind towards any direction;.

no one must be complacent and no one must give up.

Delegates at the grassroots must remain fired up to decide who must lead the party.

according to only their conscience, and never the outcome of the just-ended exercise.

Congratulations to all Aspirants, especially our Veep, Ken, and Alan.

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