New political party formed

Ahead of the 2024 election, a new political party has been launched, with a call on Ghanaians to join in their numbers to build a new and be...

New political party formed
New political party formed

Ahead of the 2024 election, a new political party has been launched, with a call.

on Ghanaians to join in their numbers to build a new and better country.

Christened People’s Redemption Movement (PRM), the leadership of the party said it sought.

to renew and restore the hope of Ghanaians “in this moment of great fear, despair.

and anxiety that has gripped the psyche of the nation”.

The interim General Secretary of PRM, Edward Adade, made the call at a.

news conference in Accra yesterday to outline the vision of the new political party.

The party has a lion as its symbol, and Mr Adade explained that.

it portrayed the strength to defend the country against abuse and destruction of state resources.

by anybody in high or low places.

He said the symbol also signified royalty, dignity and respect for Ghanaians and.

the values of the nation.

The party has the motto: “Open Government for Real Development”, with black, red.

and white as its colours.

Political landscape
Mr Adade said with recent developments on the country’s political landscape.

and the re-emergence of military coups in West Africa, there was a need for a.

new movement to restore hope to Ghanaians.

He indicated that the re-establishment of a democratic constitutional rule as a preeminent.

political organisation in 1992 had caused a political turn that rotated between the National Democratic.

Congress (NDC) and the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Mr Adade, however, indicated that after 30 years of the democratic experiment, Ghanaians.

had become disillusioned with the unprecedented levels of corruption, unemployment, insecurity, wanton dissipation of state.

resources and poverty that threatened the stability of the country’s democracy.

That, he explained, had led to Ghanaians’ demand for a new political “movement.

for restoration of hope for a better society of peace, openness, justice and selflessness to.

promote real development in Ghana”.

“In conformity with established standards, our abbreviation is PRM but we prefer.

to be known to the public by the acronym alternative, PEREMO,” Mr Adade said.

He added that in conformity with the movement’s motto, nothing would be hidden.

from the people of Ghana, saying “We believe that we shall gain nothing if we.

amass wealth in corruption, stealing and dissipation of the nation’s wealth, but if we work.

in honesty and openness to protect the nation’s resources it would benefit the people of.


Provisional certificate
Mr Adade said the movement had obtained its provisional certificate from.

the Electoral Commission (EC) to operate in the country and was yet to proceed to.

elect its executives, adding: “We already have our interim executive, so after we have officially.

announced our existence, we will unveil our executives”.

He said the movement was serious about its decision to contest the 2024.

presidential elections as it had made available to the EC all the relevant documentation to.

guarantee its certification.

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