Raphael Kumah files to contest Bole-Bamboi NPP primary; pledges to focus on women empowerment

A policy planning and management specialist, Raphael Abolasom Kumah, has filed his nomination to contest the Bole-Bamboi constituency primar...

Raphael Kumah files to contest Bole-Bamboi NPP pri
Raphael Kumah files to contest Bole-Bamboi NPP pri

A policy planning and management specialist, Raphael Abolasom Kumah, has filed his nomination to contest.

the Bole-Bamboi constituency primary of the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Savannah Region.

Mr Abolasom, who’s hopeful of wrestling the seat long-held by the National Democratic.

Congress (NDC) when he’s given the nod in the 2024 election, stated that his focus.

will be on women empowerment and girl-child education should he become the MP for the.


He pleaded with delegates to trust him to deliver the seat to the.

NPP by voting massively for him.

The aspirant said this in an interview with Myjoyonline after filing his nomination.

forms to contest the primary for the second time.

“I strongly believe that when you empower our women, almost every household will.

be empowered.

And women are going to be our prime focus because they take care of some.

of us, a family, children and to some extent, the general welfare of many”, Raphael.

Abolasom Kumah indicated.

He said it’s time for a new dawn because “the NPP has come.

to stay in Bole-Bamboi constituency.

Next year, we are going to snatch the seat from the incompetent NDC.

This, equally means that the time has come for us all including our mothers and.

youth to unite and marshall forces for victory in Bole-Bamboi constituency”, Raphael Kumah said.

He, therefore, appealed to all to come together and register their loyalty for.

NPP towards the 2024 election.

“Let’s prove to everybody that, it is true that the Bole-Bamboi seat is.

not a birthright of any party”, the aspirant noted.

Some of his followers, including the spokesperson of the Ministry of Education, Kwasi.

Kwarteng, were there to add their voices for his endorsement by delegates.

“I wouldn’t be here if I did not endorse his vision.

It’s a yes; it’s a full endorsement of Raphael because I share his development policies.

that are women empowerment with education at the center of it all.

With his track records as a policy planner with managerial expertise, Raphael is the hero.

to deliver the Bole seat and I plead with the delegates to give it to.

him”, Kwasi Kwarteng noted.

On his part, the Constituency Secretary, Mohammed Shiraze-deen, who received the nomination form,.

assured Mr Kumah of a free, fair, and transparent primary.

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