Fathers in Oforikrom constituency benefit from free prostate health screening

One out of every three men aged 40 years and above faces a potential risk of developing prostate cancer in Ghana...

Fathers in Oforikrom constituency benefit from fre
Fathers in Oforikrom constituency benefit from fre

One out of every three men aged 40 years and above faces a potential risk.

of developing prostate cancer in Ghana.

The incidence of prostate is increasing and is now the second leading cause.

of cancer deaths among men in Ghana.

In commemoration of Father’s Day, middle-aged men and fathers in the Oforikrom constituency.

have benefitted from free prostate examinations and other health screening.

Father’s Day celebration is the time to express gratitude to fathers for the role they.

play in their families and society.

A medical check-up event has been set up in the Oforikrom constituency to.

help reduce the incidence of prostate diseases distressing men in the area.

Claudia Abena Kwateng Lumor, New Patriotic Party (NPP) parliamentary aspirant in the Oforikrom.

Constituency, launched the medical prescription support for fathers and families in the constituency.

“I wanted to use the opportunity to encourage our fathers, to celebrate our.

fathers, and let them know the relevance of fatherhood in our community, in our family.

by attaching a health screening to it as well.

“So we had a health screening, prostate screening for all the fathers.

And we also launched prescription support for not just fathers, but for families as well.

It has been a very successful day and it’s something that I’m very humbled by.

the attendance and how this get-together brought people together,” she said.

Madam Claudia is hopeful of winning the bid to be in parliament to.

carry out many of these social projects.

“Election is always competitive.

The work I’ve started in this constituency, the impact I’m seeing on the ground, and.

the impact I am seeing with the people in the constituency, are what encourages me.

to keep going.

I want to see impacts in the community and certain changes in the narrative.

That’s what I’m passionate about, and that’s what I keep doing,” she said.

The event also aimed to create awareness on the duties of the father.

when it comes to parenting.

NPP Chairman of the Council of Elders at Oforikrom, Nana Yaw Jantuah, urged.

fathers not to eschew their responsibilities.

“Sometimes the responsibilities of men fall short.

Don’t ever attempt to ignore your responsibilities and say financially I cannot commit.

It doesn’t matter.

A responsible father should find a way.

And that’s all,” he said.

The NPP is expected to elect parliamentary candidates for the 2024 elections in.

November 2023.

Vice Chairman of the Oforikrom NPP, Isiah Boamah, advised party men to “make.

sure the support they give to their candidates should be free from insults and should.

be free from words that bring conflict.

” It is our prayer that our people in the constituency will listen.

to this advice and comply.

“The party does not support politics of insults, the party does not.

support politics of fighting, it is an idea-based politics.

So that together we can break the eight, the agenda is breaking the eight and.

when we do politics clean and without insults and other forms of fights, I know.

the good people of Ghana will reward us during the 2024 election,” he stated.

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